If you're planning to manage your company's occurrences, here's an e-book with practical tips for understanding how this management works and where it applies.

With this e-book, you can further understand how Interact's case occurrence management software, SA Occurrence Manager, can change the course of your organization and optimize your resources.


Rather than monitoring what's going on within your company, occurrence logging and management play several critical roles in the good health of an organization. Whether in visual demand management, in the continuous improvement process or, for example, in setting the work standard of employees, this solution promotes greater stability and provides robust data for your decision making.

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⦁ What are occurrences?

⦁ What is the purpose of its registration?

⦁ Which sectors can use the tool?

⦁ Speaking of filters...

⦁ Conclusion


SA Occurrence Manager

SA Occurrence Manager is an incident and occurrence manager. The system identifies the concentrations of occurrences and, therefore, allows them to be transformed into opportunities for improvement. With a comprehensive and functional workflow, the Suite SA's module allows you to systematically manage the evolution of all stages of registration and analysis of corrective, preventive and predictive actions in your company.

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